Wall Mounted Tablets

If you have an certain place where your staff Punch In and Out - then we offer Plug and Play tablets with wall brackets and all apps already installed. The tablet is always running and never goes to sleep when its on the wall. We offer various types of tablets, both with Wi-Fi and 4G options for your internet connection.

Unlimited users

Now you can buy your own Time tracking system for one fixed price. You don´t need to spend money on subscription pr. month again if you use browser. Curio Time grows with your company because of its unlimited option of staffs timesheets. Optional to add Curio App or Curio Kiosk and more features.

Compatible with all Accounting Software

Curio Time is compatible with all Accounting Software that’s available on the market.
Your Accountant don’t need to Log into the system to get reports, on your selected periods because the System sends automatically all staff reports to your selected email.

GPS time tracking option

When new staff is generated, Curio Time sends automatically e-mail to your staff with information about how to log into Companies account and information how to use Curio Time. GPS location tracking ask your staff for their permission to write their location into staff timesheet at the same time when your staff Punch In.

Holiday and Sick Time Reports

Curio time keeps records for Vacation Time, Holiday Reports and Sick Time Reports.

Custom Development

We develop custom solutions to build upon our software. With our many years of experience in developing software solutions for various types of businesses.

Task Description

Users and staff can write their own custom description or a note to each Punch timeline. Its possible for staff to do this many times over the day or each time they punch in.

Average number of employees

Companies Average Number of Employees that uses Curio Time is around 50 staff.

Extra Pay Rules

If you want to add your own Custom Pay Rule or create your own two weeks shifts to loop to Calculate the staffs salary then you can buy our subscription offer. You can create Unlimited Pay Rules for your staff.

Collecting hours

If you have staff that are working at many places over the day, you can collect or separate the staffs total hours for every task over the month. Lets say you name one of the task 1840, another one 1980, 2000 or even an street name. Then you can just write the name of the street or the number you want to collect then Curio Time calculates all hours for that task. You can also print out an report for the invoice. This feature will help you collect the staffs hours for all your different tasks over the month.

Fixing the timesheet

When you or your staff changes manually the timesheet, then the background colour will change. If you allow your staff to change his hours manually, then he can not change when he arrived to work or when he went home, but he can change his hours. This way you can see if someone has changed the timesheet manually. Manager can change "in and out" punch time if he wants. Its also very easy to change your staff timesheets online with the auto save feature.


You can click on an Map that shows the location of all your staff and where they were located when they Punch In. Its possible to click on the marker on the map to see the name of your staff.

Customize your main page

You can add your logo on the main page when your staff Punches in. You can also add your own personal wallpaper to your main page so it will have your company’s layout. All staff that have Punched IN and are at work are visible on main page.

Daily backup

We take daily backup of your timesheets and all upgrades are free.