We are seeking partners.

The opening up of UXD (the developer of Curio Software) for the involvement of new partners is a turning point since it will lead to further development, marketing and spreading of Curio Software services globally.

Franchise license for Curio Software & Global Partner Program

UX design slf. and Curio Software is now offering exclusive as well as non-exclusive local franchise licenses to individuals and companies in countries where we are not presently represented. Included in the main exclusive franchise contract is the sale and service of our programs and add-ons as well as the option to do non-exclusive licence for cities or regions. There is only one main exclusive contract for each country and the demands and technical training is on a high level. It's possible to do none- exclusive franchise licence for regions or cities.

We care about the interests of both parties when we are making contracts with our partners. We meet and teach online and assist with the installation of new local clients before you start your licence or whenever necessary. We have video courses in those aspects that applicants need to learn in order to be able to sell and service our software. And video courses and support for you and your clients when they buy subscriptions.

Licensees can play an important role of providing feedback from clients and assist Curio software with future development and making changes. This can really help in adapting Curio Software to the requirements of the market's culture.

We will train our franchise partner and give support at every step. We have a start-to-end partner support that begins with analysing, learning, and adjusting our software to meet the demands of prices and business culture in each country. We also counsel and give advise in sales and operations management and tech support right through to an online automated billing platform that we assist our partners to establish.

A fair agreement and negotiation of sales commissions are manually made for each franchise partner. Included in the fee of the exclusive contract is developing and adjustments, coding, and preparing Curio Software to enter the applicant local market in a successful way.

No specific education or technical knowledge is needed to obtain Curio Software license.

We are very much about win-win relationships and building partnerships for the long term.

Please send your questions and application to: careers@curiotime.com