Automatic ticket system

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Conferences, gift certificates and ticket-sale

Now everything happen automatic on the web

The Curio Ticket sales system has the option of selling electronic tickets, invitation cards and electronic gift certificates as well as being a traditional online store for product sales. The system can keep track of different prices and more complex product sales and everything happens automatically when user register online. In addition, the system connects sales, inventory and prices from accounting systems, creates badges and guest lists for conferences and creates a valid electronic invoice as soon as an order is placed on your website. Curio Ticket is a unit that can be connected to our other Curio applications.


Easy to set up a ticket
Numbered tickets and EAN option
Many dates per. event is optional
Inventory system
Related sales system
Electronic invoices
Connection to payment portals

Gift certificates

Curio Ticket sends out beautifully numbered gift certificates to your customers. You can design beautiful gift cards inside the program in a simple way. The gift cards are connected to the sales system in Curio Office and can be connected directly to most accounting programs.


Ticket sales for conferences
Guest list
Bar signage system
QR Barcode on each sold ticket
Payment portals for card companies
A ticket sales system is connected to a sales system.
All functions are automatic

Tickets for your event

You can acquire your own ticket sales system and sell tickets without paying a fee to the ticket sales companies. (Check sample below)

Happy customers


Islandshotel and Grand Hotel, Conference and Event hotel

Islandshotel has 17 hotels all around Iceland have been running our ticket sales system since 2015 with good results. The hotel sells all tickets to the events they offer annually as well as selling gift cards etc. in the system. see more here:

Digital solution for conferences

When a purchase is made on a website, the buyer receives the email electronically with numbered ticket and a barcode, he also receives a receipt and then creates the system valid a numbered invoice that can be sent to an email address buyer. In addition, the system creates an electronic card with a name participants and companies etc. and more.

GLS Conference in Reykjavik

Curio Ticket has been in charge of the sale of tickets and invitations to the GLS conference since 2016.


BigMarker synced to Curio Ticket

Virtual Events Solution

Connect BigMarker direct with API and let Curio Ticket take care of the online ticket sales as well as automatic registration with BigMarker.

API sync

The Curio ticket sales system can be connected to all major accounting systems that support API connection.

Virtual Events Solution

You can connect the system to BigMarker with API. Curio Ticket will handle ticket sales as well as handling automatic registration with BigMarker. While BigMarker handles the flow of your event, Curio Ticket will take care of online ticket sales.