Steel wall brackets2 Keys 360 RotationSize from 10" inch

The Kiosk is for multiple employees to clock in and out of work.
Steel wall brackets are optional Add-Ons for Curio Kiosk.

The steel brackets are optional for IOS and Android devices.

Eye scannerIris ID biometric devicesNon-Contact No transfer of bacteriaCovid free API connection

The iCAM7100 eye scanner are great solutions when its synced to Curio Time. With the iCAM7100 devices organizations can alleviate risk and increase employee productivity. (For 2 eyes only) The item is bought separately.

 API sync - Single, Dual or Tri-Factor authentication is available.


No monthly feeStylish interfaceEasy to useExcellent overviewClock between tasks

The Curio Kiosk lite is mostly for small companies for multiple employees to clock in and out of work. Curio Kiosk allows employees clock into manually written tasks. Editing a personal timesheet in Curio Kiosk is easy. There is only one fixed price for the Curio Kiosk lite and no monthly subscription.

Curio Kiosk lite has no access to Curio Time dashboard. Available for IOS and Android devices.