The Perfect Remote Workplace

Your employees will love this!Handle all your projects!Offers - Worksheets - Invoices Built for TEAMWORKAdd your favourite applicationsAnd many more features

Curio Office is designed for maximum result for Remote business! Now you can use one ALL IN ONE system for all your tasks and handle your clients task with maximum income. 

Do you need to change your company to work remotely?

Remote working has a unique set of challenges that means that you need a unique set of tools in order to tackle the Remote work challenges. Curio Office is an "All In One" software full of rich remote tools you need to maximize remote working productivity. Projects with tasks have more complex time-management needs with specific workflows. Such projects need a full-fledged management tool such as Curio Office. You need to figure out the project management software that suits your needs but we can assure you that Curio Office is a software tool that solves a lot of your project management needs in one complete ALL IN ONE system.

Curio Office Enterprise has, for example, employee and task management system synced to smart apps, quotes system, sales, and API option to sync to all most popular accounting system that offers API sync, transparent and versatile project management systems, communication systems, Curio Time timekeeping, etc. You can add your website, online store, payment gateways, etc into the system. Moreover, tailor-made solutions that your imagination dreams of can also be added to adapt the system to different business operations.

Check out the benefits of Curio Office Enterprise and see how the system can be customised to your business needs.

Price quotes

You can save an price quote inside Curio Office and when the price quote is confirmed you can send the quote to the worksheet or to an confirmed or unconfirmed invoice.
Are there any limit on quotes?
Curio Office has unlimited price quotes and you can therefore send as many quotes as you want pr. day. all year around.

Task management

Tasks for your team can be created inside Curio Office as well as adding personal tasks to a certain employee. When this is done, the employee can see their shared or personal tasks on their mobile devices or Curio Kiosk. The employees can then punch into separate tasks or between them in an easy manner. The dashboard offers great overview for managers and
review is easy for each employees tasks. Database for projects- related documents
More about communication?
Each worksheet has a wall to communicate all you want to write description or notifications about the task. Its easy to write comment about the status of each work, upload files to the worksheet. Database for projects- related documents with formats like: jpg, docx, pdf, xls, csv and more.

Accounting system & API

You can sync Curio Office to all most popular accounting system that offers api sync. Time attendance of each employee can be synced to pricelists pr. hour and 3 different pricelists with unlimited items can be synced to database and task management of each employee.
You can send selected lines from your worksheet direct to your favorite accounting software and filter out the jobs that can be sent to your invoices.
Are there any limit on invoices?
Curio Office has unlimited amount of invoices and you can therefore create as many invoice as you want pr. day. all year around.

Worksheets & Invoicing

Unlimited worksheets
Unlimited employees
Access for mangers
Access with mobiles and ipads
Status wall for managers
Comments and notifications options
Send selected confirmed tasks for invoicing
Synced with Price quotes and invoices
Synced to confirmation page
Synced to Curio App
Synced to Dropbox
Synced to Curio Kiosk
Synced to 4 pricelist
API sync option for accounting systems
( optional )

Communication system

Chat module between staff
Social wall
Personal profile
Whats on your mind
News feed
Announcements module
Communication about the projects?
Each worksheet has a wall to communicate all you want to write description or notifications about the task. Its easy to write comment about the status of each work, upload files to the worksheet. Database for projects- related documents with formats like: jpg, docx, pdf, xls, csv and more.

Your day!

You can review how much you have worked for each client each day of the week or month. You can also click all your staff to review an status of how much your staff have earned for your company, each day, week or month.
How does this module work?
This is a tool similar to your dasboard (instrument panel ) in your car. 
In cars the panel is usually located directly ahead of a vehicle's driver, displaying instrumentation and controls for the vehicle's operation. When you run your company on daily basis you probably want to have visible control panel to see the status of your company. In Curio office you can review the income and sold hours and you can review the status and effectiveness of each employeer every minute of the day.

User system

3 license for users
Mangers have full access
Staff can only see theyr personal tasks

Punch Clock

Simple Punch clock
Time attendance
Online staff
In and out reports
Sync to sale of the day

Curio Time

Option to sync with Curio Time
Perfect review of time attendance
See more under Curio Time menu.

Confirmation page

Let your staff write all tasks with their mobiles or use Curio Kisk for multiply users. When manger log into Curio Office dashboard they can review both time attendance and written hours into time sheets and confirm hours for both software in one OK click.

Curio App and Kiosk

Its also possible to use certain Ip for punching in and out from work.
See more about Curio App in top menu.

Custom built software

We know that no two company is the same, so we offer to adjust Curio Office and Curio Time to your business for an fair price. Let us send you an price quote and lets see if we can meet your expectations.

All these options is are standard features and default setting in Curio Office Enterprise


Enlarge your expectations!

You can enlarge Curio Office with all kinds of addons!

Time and attendance system, ticket sale, web shop, conference system, and web management. Add Curio App and Kiosk to your subscription and enlarge your system and let it cover all your business. You can also connect Curio Office to all the most popular accounting system in the world such as Microsift Navision and similar software with api connections. You can also let us develope all kinds of your own software that you want to use for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 14 days free trial work ?
When we offer FREE 14 days trial, then its totally FREE and no commitments
( No credit card, contract, or signature required. ).
At the end of your 14-day trial, simply enter your credit card information to officially activate your account and continue using Curio Time.
Its also option to have sent PAYPAL payment link for paypal subscription.
If you don’t want to use your account then we will close it and delete all your files on your 15th day of trial.