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Curio App

  • App for mobiles - IOS and Android
  • --------------------------

  • Subscription pr. user
  • Clock in and Clock out
  • GPS marker when punch in and out*
  • Write custom decription to tasks
  • Punch between your tasks*
  • Review your personal tasks*
  • Snap image of your tasks*
  • Save images into Curio Time task manager*
  • Easy to fix or edit your time reports
  • Easy to fix or edit written tasks
  • Save Timesheet as PDF.
  • Send holiday request to manager*
  • See confirmed holidays*
  • Free updates
  • * With access to Curio Time

Curio Time

  • Access with browser
  • --------------------------

  • Subscription pr. user
  • GPS marker when punch in and out
  • Unlimited rules to calculate employee hours
  • Task manager + Save personal tasks
  • Punch between tasks
  • Easy to edit timesheets with browser
  • Collect hours of tasks
  • Send timesheet to employees
  • Save timesheet as CSV or PDF
  • Organise the holiday of each employee
  • Sick days and holidays
  • One page option to confirm hours
  • Free updates and free backup

Curio Kiosk

  • Multiply employees can Clock in and out
  • --------------------------

  • Subscription is for pr. user
  • Clock IN and OUT with personal password
  • Take a picture when clock in or out*
  • Write custom tasks
  • Clock between tasks
  • Clock between personal tasks
  • Easy to edit personal timesheet
  • Timesheet can be emailed to employee
  • Send holiday request from Kiosk to manager
  • See confirmed holidays
  • Free updates


EUR.8.30pr. month.
  • Curio Time + Curio App + Curio Kiosk + Curio Schedules
  • We are offering all 4 systems for one fixed price
  • --------------------------

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 30 days free trial work ?
When we offer FREE 30 days trial, then its totally FREE and no commitments
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At the end of your 30-day trial, simply enter your credit card information to officially activate your account and continue using Curio Time.
Its also option to have sent PAYPAL payment link for paypal subscription.