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Curio App

EUR.1.60pr. month
  • App for mobiles - IOS and Android
  • --------------------------

  • Subscription pr. user
  • Clock in and Clock out
  • GPS marker when punch in and out*
  • Write custom decription to tasks
  • Punch between your tasks*
  • Review your personal tasks*
  • Snap image of your tasks*
  • Save images into Curio Time task manager*
  • Easy to fix or edit your time reports
  • Easy to fix or edit written tasks
  • Save Timesheet as PDF.
  • Send holiday request to manager*
  • See confirmed holidays*
  • Free updates
  • * With access to Curio Time

Curio Time

EUR.3.90pr. month.
  • Access with browser
  • --------------------------

  • Subscription pr. user
  • GPS marker when punch in and out
  • Unlimited rules to calculate employee hours
  • Task manager + Save personal tasks
  • Punch between tasks
  • Easy to edit timesheets with browser
  • Collect hours of tasks
  • Send timesheet to employees
  • Save timesheet as CSV or PDF
  • Organise the holiday of each employee
  • Sick days and holidays
  • One page option to confirm hours
  • Images from App saved into task manager
  • Monthly fee 22 EUR* (see questions)
  • Free updates and free backup

Curio Kiosk

EUR.2.30pr. month
  • Multiply employees can Clock in and out
  • --------------------------

  • Subscription is for pr. user
  • Clock IN and OUT with personal password
  • Take a picture when clock in or out*
  • Write custom tasks
  • Clock between tasks
  • Clock between personal tasks
  • Easy to edit personal timesheet
  • Timesheet can be emailed to employee
  • Send holiday request from Kiosk to manager
  • See confirmed holidays
  • Free updates


EUR.6.40pr. month.
  • Curio Time + Curio App + Curio Kiosk
  • We are offering all 3 software for one fixed price
  • --------------------------

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 14 days free trial work ?
When we offer FREE 14 days trial, then its totally FREE and no commitments
( No credit card, contract, or signature required. ).
At the end of your 14-day trial, simply enter your credit card information to officially activate your account and continue using Curio Time.
Its also option to have sent PAYPAL payment link for paypal subscription.
If you don’t want to use your account then we will close it and delete all your files on your 15th day of trial.